Information Technology Services: Ramapo Gmail for Students

Ramapo College is pleased to provide Ramapo Gmail to all students. Google's set of collaboration solutions are now part of Ramapo College's core IT service offerings. As a result, students have access to tools including e-mail, shared calendars, instant messaging, personal web sites and online word processing.

Currently the following Google Apps are available.

  • Calendar
  • Documents
  • Ramapo Gmail
  • Sites
  • Chat

Configure your smart phone or email client to access your Ramapo Gmail account.

Configuring IMAP access for your Google Apps email address is very similar to configuring a regular Gmail account. However, any time you're asked for your username during the configuration process, you'll need to enter your full email address, i.e. All other settings are the same.

You can find instructions for setting up your preferred email client or mobile device here.

If you cannot find your preferred method of accessing your email, you can use the general settings found here.

Important: Accessing your Ramapo Gmail account on campus.

The email settings are slightly different if you are using the Ramapo College network or wifi while checking your Ramapo Gmail account. When configuring your email client or mobile device you will need to use the following Outgoing Mail (SMTP) settings:

  • Outgoing Server:
  • Use Authentication: Yes
  • Use STARTTLS: Yes (some clients refer to this as SSL)
  • Port: 587

All other settings are the same as the Gmail instructions. Failure to use the above settings while on the college's network or wifi will result in the inability to send mail.

Blackberry Users:

Configuring Ramapo gmail on a Blackberry is slightly different then the gmail instructions on the Blackberry and Google web sites.

To configure a Ramapo gmail account on a Blackberry, please follow these steps:

  1. First login to and click on
    Settings > Forwarding and POP/IMAP > make sure enable IMAP is selected

  2. On your Blackberry, delete your old account

  3. Set up a new email account and choose "Other"

  4. Under email Type:

  5. Type anything in your password (do not put in the correct password) and click on next

  6. Blackberry will tells you that there is an error and after you click ok at the
    error message, you will see additional option at the bottom/top of the screen that
    says "Provide additional Settings" (blue underlined text)

  7. Click on the blue underlined text: provide additional Settings.

  8. Make sure IMAP is selected

  9. Complete the rest as follow:
    password: ******* (This time, make sure you type the correct password)server:
    username: (it is important that you type the
    whole email address including

  10. Click on continue/next.
if for some reason it fail, leave the screen at where it is. On your computer,
go to the address:

- Type in your username (including
- Type your password and click on Sign in
- You will be prompted with "To sign in with this account, click Continue"
- Click on continue to proceed
- At the Ramapo Google Apps login page, enter your username (without
- Enter your password and click on Login
- You should see Additional Verification Step. Click on continue to complete the steps.
- Once this is completed, go back to your phone and proceed to step 10.
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